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Why digital rights management brought Dale Copps to SLA 2011

If you caught our recent video interview with Dale Copps, Library Manager for engineering company Creare, you heard him talk about how digital rights management was top of mind for him at SLA 2011. If you missed it, flip back to our post, or read on for the transcript here.

Janelle: Hi everyone. I'm Janelle Kozyra, blogger for Inmagic. We are at the SLA 2011 Conference, and I am here with Dale Copps. Dale, tell me what company you're with and what you do.

Dale: I work for Creare, Incorporated. It's a small engineering company in Hanover, N.H. We invent new technologies.

Janelle: So what brings you to SLA this year?

Dale: I'm the library manager at Creare. We have about 120 employees, I'm here primarily to check out new products to see what, to talk with my vendors, to try to encourage them to move in the direction I want them to move in, and I'm also facilitating a session that's going to talk about libraries and the DRM challenge.

Janelle: Can you give us a little preview into maybe some of the points you're going to articulate in that session?

Dale: When I say DRM challenge, I'm talking about digital rights management. Libraries are struggling with providing services in the electronic world that are similar to the services they provide in the paper world, primarily because a lot of documents, e-books, journal articles, standards, etc. have protections built into them which makes it difficult for us to acquire many products and manage them in a way that we're used to managing paper-based resources. So the session that I'm facilitating will bring up this issue and hopefully have a discussion among the people who attend to see if we can come up with some solutions.

Janelle: So the theme of SLA 2011 this year is Future Ready. So what sorts of trends are on your radar right now that you see impacting you and your organization in the coming year?

Dale: I acquire 1,500 to 1,800 items a year -- books, journal articles, standards, patents, etc. They're all moving into the electronic world. They're all becoming digital resources. In terms of the future, I'm trying to acquire them digitally in a manner that I can manage efficiently and affordably in my library. It's a struggle. But that's one of the areas that I'm here for. Probably the other one is, in a specific sort of way, I'm looking for enterprise search capabilities to bring out to my library and my library patrons. So I'm looking for a particular product that we can get interest in for that.

Janelle: Great. Well, thanks Dale. Good luck at your speaking session and enjoy the rest of the show.

Dale: Great. Thank you.

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