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IdeaNet vaults onto ReadWriteWeb's radar

No sooner did we prepare to announce IdeaNet than the application hit the radar of ReadWriteWeb's David Strom. He featured IdeaNet in an article today on ReadWriteWeb with the basics of what our new application is all about. Thanks for covering us, David.

We just lit up our latest Presto application, IdeaNet

Whoa. It just got a whole lot brighter in here. It looks like a million light bulbs are shining all around. I can feel the creative energy surging through the office.

That can mean only one thing. We just released our latest Presto application, IdeaNet. Now that all the light bulbs are on, I'm just waiting for the brainstorm clouds to move in and the ideas to start pouring ...

Here's the idea behind IdeaNet: It's a system to help B2B product development and management teams manage the ideation process and fuel innovation. It works by helping teams bring together their knowledge and expertise with customer feedback and insight to generate, moderate, prioritize, and act upon ideas.

I've pasted our press release below so you can read more about what IdeaNet is and how it can help your organization.

You'll also learn how workforce management solutions provider Kronos Incorporated is using IdeaNet to enhance the innovation dialogue and participation between its software developers and customer community.

For more information on IdeaNet, hit the links in Press Resources section of the release. Get those wheels turning!

Inmagic Introduces IdeaNet -- a Next-Generation Innovation Application

Kronos selects IdeaNet to transform the idea management process

WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Inmagic®, Inc. today brings its latest application to market with the introduction of Inmagic® IdeaNet, built on Presto technology. IdeaNet helps business-to-business product development teams bring together their knowledge and expertise with customer feedback and insight to generate ideas, manage the idea development process, and fuel product innovation.

Great ideas are easy. Bringing them to market is hard.

How many of you have said to yourself, you know, wouldn't it be cool if we could communicate online using video? But it was Connectix that first brought webcams to market with its QuickCam (later acquired by Logitech).

Or how many of you have you thought about a smartphone that could dock onto a laptop and become a full computer? Yet it was Motorola that brought this to market with its Lapdock.

For people in product development and product marketing, coming up with great ideas isn't hard. The hard part is taking your great idea and bringing it to market -- a process called idea management.

If you've visited our website recently, you might have seen information on our newest application created just for this, IdeaNet. Maybe you've looked over the product brochure or video demo we have over there. If you've been wondering, hey, what's this?, well wonder no more. Today we are filling you in on what we've been working on to bring the application to life.

New white paper to help you spark innovation in your organization

The other week I told you about how we're working on publishing a new white paper about innovation in the high-tech B2B space. It's now available for download from our website under the white papers tab in our Resource Center. Surf over to grab it now. It's titled "Addressing the Innovation Imperative for B2B Companies."

The white paper is a good starting point to help you think about your innovation strategy. The major topics covered are:
  • Why you should have an innovation strategy. This provides some research and analysis from Gartner and Accenture about the "innovation imperative," and what it means for high-tech B2B companies.

Why social media and mobile are on the radar of Naval Postgraduate School's Ann Jacobson

One of the interesting people that our blogging team interviewed at SLA 2011 was Ann Jacobson, Reference and Instruction Manager for the Naval Postgraduate School's Dudley Knox Library.

She attended SLA to give a presentation, "Breathing Life into Your Newsletter and Online Presence," in which she shared her insights as the new editor of SLA's military library division newsletter. But newsletters weren't the only things on her mind.

In the podcast interview that we posted last week, Ann spoke about the latest developments in social and mobile technologies, and the role she sees them playing in the library space.

In case you missed it, hop back to our podcast, or read the transcript below.

Janelle: I am Janelle Kozyra, blogger for Inmagic. We are at the SLA 2011 Conference and I am with Ann Jacobson. Hi, Ann.

Ann: Hello.

Janelle: So what brings you to SLA this year?

ASAE 2011: THE conference for associations. See you there!

It seems it's never too long before the Inmagic team is off to another great city for an industry conference. This time, our travels plans are taking us west, to the Gateway to the West, to be precise. We'll be exhibiting at the ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo 2011 in St. Louis from Aug. 6-9.

If you're attending, you can find us at booth #311. We're cooking up a special PEZ giveaway for all our visitors. The one we did at AUDC 2011 in February was a hit, so we thought we'd bring it back, along with all your PEZ childhood memories.

We'll also be showcasing our AssociatioNet application at our booth. AssociatioNet is built on our Presto technology. Associations, such as HRPA, use it to collect, organize, socialize, and share information with members to improve service levels, encourage patronage, and achieve other membership objectives.

Why the Naval Postgraduate School's Ann Jacobson set sail to SLA 2011

Naval Postgraduate School's Ann Jacobson
Ann Jacobson, Reference and Instruction Manager for the Naval Postgraduate School's Dudley Knox Library, had a few things on her mind when she attended SLA 2011 in June.

One was her speaking session, "Breathing Life into Your Newsletter and Online Presence," in which she shared her insights as the new editor of SLA's military library division newsletter.

The other was the latest developments in social and mobile technologies and how they are shaping the library space.

Innovation 101 in 5,000 words or less with Braden Kelley

Last week we posted our podcast interview with Braden Kelley, where we talked about his basic guidelines for implementing an innovation strategy. Today we bring you the transcript in case you missed it or would like to have his recommendations in writing.

Braden is the founder of Business Strategy Innovation, where he consults with organizations to help them pump up their innovation efforts.

He has worked with some of the world’s leading B2B and B2C organizations on creating innovation strategies, increasing customer marketing effectiveness, managing organizational change, and improving organizational performance.

During our interview, we picked his brain about his recommendation and insights on developing and managing a successful innovation process. He discussed who should spearhead innovation in a company, pitfalls to watch out for, and much more.

Read on below. If you want more insights from Braden, check out his blog at Blogging Innovation; his Twitter handle at @innovate; and his new book, "Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire."

Janelle: Hi, everyone. Janelle Kozyra here for an Inmagic podcast. Today we are joined by Braden Kelley who is the founder of Business Strategy Innovation where he consults organizations to help them get started on their innovation efforts. He has also spoken at many conferences and events around the country and the world on various innovation topics as well as about building digital relationships, audience, and community.

He is also the blogger of the very popular innovation blog called Blogging Innovation. And he has a new book out called "Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire" which we will get to a little bit later in the interview. But right now I'd like to welcome Braden to our podcast. Good to have you with us.

Braden: Thank you, Janelle. Good to be here.

Janelle: So let's get started by talking about your thoughts on innovation. So a lot of our blog readers on the Inmagic blog are focused on B2B. So can you share your perspectives on what innovation means for B2B?

B2B's role in economic recovery: Focus on innovation

Against the backdrop of America's looming Aug. 2 debt-limit deadline and the Fed's announcement today that it's prepared to provide more stimulus, innovation is increasingly top of mind for some economists.

Ken Goldstein of the Conference Board, for instance, is saying that innovation could be a solution to boosting the economy, which grew an annualized rate of only about 2 percent during the first half of this year.

"'Without innovation, not only would you be stuck at 2 percent -- we might be lucky to get 2 percent growth,'" he's quoted as saying in this NPR article today. Goldstein also says that an emphasis on innovation could increase growth by half a percentage point, which could lead to 50 and 100,000 new jobs a month.

His approach puts him in good company with many senior business executives. About 72 percent consider innovation to be a "top three strategic priority," according to a recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) survey. Moreover, 84 percent said their company considers innovation to be an "important or extremely important lever for reaping the benefits of an economic recovery."

The need for greater innovation is loud and clear. Turning good ideas into jobs and companies is crucial to economic growth and recovery.

BSI Knowledge Centre Manager seeks to centralize company's social media data

I recently posted our podcast with Lucy Ahmed, Knowledge Centre Manager for BSI, so the transcript is in order. Here it is.

Our blogging team caught up with Lucy at SLA 2011 and asked her how BSI uses social media technologies, and her plans for centralizing the information its employees share on sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yammer.

Janelle: Hi, everyone. I'm Janelle Kozyra, a blogger with Inmagic. I'm at the SLA 2011 Conference and I am with Lucy Ahmed who is here all the way from the U.K. So, Lucy, welcome to Philadelphia and SLA and what brings you to the show this year?

Lucy: Thank you. Well, I'm a Knowledge Centre Manager for British Standards, so I've come with a couple of colleagues, one of which is based over here in the states and the other is based in the U.K. with me. And I've come as a full member of the SLA, so I've been to some of the sessions as well.

And, yes, just kind of having a look around, seeing what's available, and we currently do have social networking within BSI. And so I'm kind of looking at ways of building in content in a collaborative way to find easier ways of managing the information, so it's quite useful in that aspect because there's a lot of quite high-profile people here. So, yeah, it's good.

Janelle: So tell me about the social networking that you're doing right now. What is it serving exactly and what sorts of information are you sharing?

Innovation 101: Braden Kelley's guidelines for getting started on your innovation strategy

Braden Kelley
We've found that many of our blog readers are placing an increased focus on their innovation efforts. While innovation has historically been a core part of their business plans, they're now turning up the heat in an effort to ignite new ideas, gain in-depth customer feedback, invigorate product development, and sharpen their competitive edges.

So we thought it would be helpful to provide some actionable advice and real-world guidelines for improving your innovation strategy -- innovation 101, if you will. We recently turned to one of the leading consultants and speakers on innovation, Braden Kelley, to tap his brain. Listen to our podcast below chock full of his recommendations and insights.

Braden has consulted to some of the world’s leading B2B and B2C organizations. He works with companies on creating innovation strategies, increasing customer marketing effectiveness, managing organizational change, and improving organizational performance.

How social media is giving SLA member Jeanne Miller a "new lease on life:" The transcript

Center for the Education of Women's blog
Last week I posted our video interview with Jeane Miller from SLA 2011. Jeanne is the Director of Information Services and Publications at the Center for the Education of Women at the University of Michigan. As we are wont to do on the Inmagic blog, here's the transcript as well.

Jeanne's been an SLA member for 30 years, and has great perspective on how the special library industry has changed throughout the years -- in particular, how the Internet and social media tools have impacted how special librarians do their jobs.

Our blogging crew talked to Jeanne about how important blogging, Facebook, and Twitter have become in her career, and how she's these tools to provide information to her users. Read on to see why Jeanne says social media is giving her a "new lease on life" in her career.

Janelle: Hi, everyone. I'm Janelle Kozyra, blogger for Inmagic. We're at the SLA 2011 conference, and I'm with Jeanne Miller.

Jeanne: Hi.

Janelle: So, Jeanne, tell us what organization you're with and your role.


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