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New white paper to help you spark innovation in your organization

The other week I told you about how we're working on publishing a new white paper about innovation in the high-tech B2B space. It's now available for download from our website under the white papers tab in our Resource Center. Surf over to grab it now. It's titled "Addressing the Innovation Imperative for B2B Companies."

The white paper is a good starting point to help you think about your innovation strategy. The major topics covered are:
  • Why you should have an innovation strategy. This provides some research and analysis from Gartner and Accenture about the "innovation imperative," and what it means for high-tech B2B companies.
  • Six best practices to ensure success of your innovation strategy. These pointers help explain how to integrate your innovation strategy into your overall business operations. They'll also come in handy to refer back to as you roll our your innovation strategy.
  • Seven things to look for when evaluating idea management systems. A good innovation strategy needs the right technology to support it. This provides guidelines to help you sift through idea management systems on the market and make heads or tails of what you're seeing.
I hope the white paper is useful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a line. You can also follow our B2B Innovation series on our blog and take a gander at our other innovation and ideation posts for more on the subject matter.

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