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We just lit up our latest Presto application, IdeaNet

Whoa. It just got a whole lot brighter in here. It looks like a million light bulbs are shining all around. I can feel the creative energy surging through the office.

That can mean only one thing. We just released our latest Presto application, IdeaNet. Now that all the light bulbs are on, I'm just waiting for the brainstorm clouds to move in and the ideas to start pouring ...

Here's the idea behind IdeaNet: It's a system to help B2B product development and management teams manage the ideation process and fuel innovation. It works by helping teams bring together their knowledge and expertise with customer feedback and insight to generate, moderate, prioritize, and act upon ideas.

I've pasted our press release below so you can read more about what IdeaNet is and how it can help your organization.

You'll also learn how workforce management solutions provider Kronos Incorporated is using IdeaNet to enhance the innovation dialogue and participation between its software developers and customer community.

For more information on IdeaNet, hit the links in Press Resources section of the release. Get those wheels turning!

Inmagic Introduces IdeaNet -- a Next-Generation Innovation Application

Kronos selects IdeaNet to transform the idea management process

WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Inmagic®, Inc. today brings its latest application to market with the introduction of Inmagic® IdeaNet, built on Presto technology. IdeaNet helps business-to-business product development teams bring together their knowledge and expertise with customer feedback and insight to generate ideas, manage the idea development process, and fuel product innovation.

Kronos Incorporated, the global leader in workforce management solutions, selected IdeaNet to enhance the innovation dialogue and participation between Kronos software developers and its customer community. As a result, Kronos expects to gain the ability to more quickly identify its highest-quality ideas, greater customer insight, and an enhanced ability to prioritize product development resources.

IdeaNet features an intuitive and flexible user interface so product managers, engineers, and customers can contribute to and benefit from a collaborative innovation process. Unlike other Social CRM and idea management providers, IdeaNet does not consider internal collaboration with staff and external communication with customers to be mutually exclusive. IdeaNet fosters collaboration across all constituents through new features and functionalities, including:
  • Moderated Idea Management. Idea submissions can be screened and/or archived to keep the quality of input high. Product managers can flag ideas to remove duplicates, and end users can opt to ‘follow’ an idea through automated alerts and watch lists, making it easier to track relevant ideas.
  • Integration of Idea Management and Community Feedback. Ideas can be submitted by customers and product managers for community voting. Users can vote in favor of an idea, and get insight into the popularity of a particular idea. As ideas move through different phases of the innovation cycle, product managers can communicate updates to both their team and customer community.
  • Advanced Search and Reporting. Users can slice-and-dice information for a more accurate representation of ideas. For example, a product manager can view top ideas by product, customer type, industry, geography, or any number of criteria.
  • Idea Refinement. As an idea morphs over time via discussion, product managers can redefine the idea while preserving the original input. This creates a more holistic view of the idea-to-innovation process.
  • Authentication and Authorization. User participation in the idea voting process is contingent on product ownership, so participants may only vote or have a dialogue about products they use. IdeaNet provides single sign-on (SSO) security with out-of-box integration with Active Directory or through Presto’s external SSO API, enabling authentication and authorization via CRMs and other third-party systems.
“Ideas are the basis of all innovation, and without the right support structure in place, even the best ideas can’t be put into action,” says Ron Matros, CEO of Inmagic. “Organizations are facing more pressure than ever to develop and bring new products to the market faster so they can stay competitive and relevant. We are excited that Kronos is embracing the creative and collaborative innovation process fostered by IdeaNet to add another dimension of excellence to its award-winning workforce management solutions.”

For more information on IdeaNet, visit


Inmagic® is a leader in developing and implementing Social Knowledge Networks (SKN) for enterprise organizations. Inmagic has helped information and knowledge-driven organizations manage, access and publish information. Today, our award winning Inmagic® Presto SKN application helps business users access and search relevant content and community insight across enterprise silos to create an environment focused on addressing high-value business processes and objectives. Organizations across a range of industries including ACLU, City of Edmonton, Laureate Education, Maple Leaf Foods, MRA, NASA, The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, the San Francisco Symphony and Wyeth Consumer Healthcare (now Pfizer), rely on Inmagic to improve productivity and collaboration, retain and preserve knowledge and foster greater innovation. Find out how much your organization really knows. Visit Inmagic at and

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