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Why the Naval Postgraduate School's Ann Jacobson set sail to SLA 2011

Naval Postgraduate School's Ann Jacobson
Ann Jacobson, Reference and Instruction Manager for the Naval Postgraduate School's Dudley Knox Library, had a few things on her mind when she attended SLA 2011 in June.

One was her speaking session, "Breathing Life into Your Newsletter and Online Presence," in which she shared her insights as the new editor of SLA's military library division newsletter.

The other was the latest developments in social and mobile technologies and how they are shaping the library space.

The Naval Postgraduate School's library has a Facebook page, but as our bloggers learned when they talked to Ann at the show, it's been challenging to show faculty the value of Facebook as a way to communicate with students and alumni.

Hit play to hear Ann expand on this in their interview. Thanks for chatting with us, Ann!

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