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3 qualities of innovative companies: Lessons learned from Steve Jobs

Drew Marshall, Principal, Primed Associates
When Steve Jobs resigned as Apple's CEO last week, it seemed he was taking with him everything that makes Apple the innovative powerhouse that it is today. Or did he? Apple is arguably the #1 poster child for innovation. But was it all a result of Steve Jobs' genius, or rather the culture of innovation he's developed over time?

Our bloggers got into an interesting discussion about this with Drew Marshall, our latest podcast guest. Drew is the Principal of Primed Associates, a consulting firm that helps clients improve the culture of innovation in their organizations.

He believes there are three qualities that make up an innovative company. But is having a charismatic leader one of them? I won't spill the beans here. Hit play below to find out Drew's take!

While you're tuned in, stick around to hear Drew dish more insights and advice for B2B companies interested in developing and implementing an innovation strategy within their organization, including
  • What innovation means, and whether that's different for B2B vs. B2C companies
  • Examples of other highly innovative companies and why they are so innovative
  • Whose job it is to foster innovation in your organization
  • What you should consider before embarking on a quest for innovation
  • How to institutionalize innovation in your organization
  • How important it is to build a dialogue with your customers as part of your innovation strategy
We're also planning to post the transcript of our interview soon. For more from Drew, you can read his blog on Primed Associates and follow him on Twitter. Thanks again, Drew, for joining us on our blog.

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