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CMSWire and Information Today like the idea of IdeaNet

The public and pundits like the idea of IdeaNetCMSWire's Barb Mosher recently wrote an article breaking down how IdeaNet supports B2B product innovation. According to Barb, "many believe that involving customers in the product idea process is the perfect way to ensure that you are building the products customers want. Kind of obvious, I know, but it's still not common place in many organizations. Applications like IdeaNet may be the answer to changing that."

Mosey over to CMSWire to read the rest of Barb's coverage.

Paula Hane also covered IdeaNet on Information Today. She discussed how IdeaNet helps B2B product development teams generate ideas, manage the ideation process, and drive innovation. Paula details how IdeaNet differs from social CRM applications and what led to our creation of IdeaNet by InMagic. She also discusses how workforce management solutions provider, Kronos Incorporated, is using IdeaNet.

Give Paula's article a read on Information Today.

Thanks to Barb and Paula for their continued coverage of IdeaNet.  

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