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Going to ASAE 2011? Enter to win "Open Community" while you're there!

If you're an association professional, here's a book that should be on your reading list: "Open Community" by Maddie Grant and Lindy Dreyer. It's a handy read to help any association professional use social media technologies to support their online community-building efforts. And we're making it real easy to get it.

We're giving away six copies at the ASAE 2011 conference -- three on Sunday, Aug. 7, and three on Monday, Aug. 8.

To enter, all you have to do is come to Inmagic's booth, #311, and have your badge scanned or leave us your business card. That's all. You're entered to win!

Maddie let us know she will also be at ASAE 2011, so keep an eye out for her if you want to say hi. We interviewed her recently on our blog, so I know the Inmagic team is looking forward to seeing her! (Check back on our podcast and transcript with Maddie in case you missed it.)

We'll be announcing the book winners on our blog. Good luck and see you in St. Louis!

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