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How to evaluate idea management systems

Like nearly all technologies, idea management systems are not created equal. Ideally, an idea management system should help you collect, manage, discuss, and leverage the creative ideas from customers and employees to drive innovation.

However, many idea management systems lack crucial functionality that hinder you from optimally generating and managing product enhancements.

In talking with our customers, several major features and functionalities have continually come up in conversation as crucial parts of their idea management technology approach. We thought it would be useful to put them together in a checklist that you can easily refer to when you go about doing your own research and evaluation of idea management systems.

I hope it gives you some guidance to ensure you get all the important capabilities you need to support your innovation process. You can download the checklist now from our website by going to the IdeaNet page and clicking the checklist on the left side.

And as you're evaluating and testing new technologies, let us know if we're missing anything on this list, or if you think something should be changed. We love getting input!

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