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How to create your 'innovation dream team'

University of Cincinnati's Drew Boyd
"Dream team" has been used to describe athletes, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, and others who've come together to become much greater than the sum of their parts.

Certainly, the 1992 United States men's Olympic basketball team was a dream team. So is the Brazil men's national volleyball team.
And who could forget the defense lawyers in the O. J. Simpson case?

But here's an area that you probably haven't seen associated with dream team: innovation. That's about to change though, thanks to our new podcast with Drew Boyd.

He hit upon the phrase "innovation dream team" in our interview with him. In fact, you can witness the spark of the idea when you tune in. He described how to create an innovation dream team that lets companies generate great ideas and execute them.

Drew also discussed many of the nuances of this, including who should be part of the team and how to use the team for your product innovation goals.

Much of Drew's insights are drawn upon his former 17-year career with Johnson & Johnson, where he founded and directed the company's Marketing Mastery Program. It was an internal "marketing university" the company used to train its marketing and other cross-functional teams on products and strategic planning.

Drew talked about this program during our podcast, and discussed some lessons he learned about ideation and innovation from that experience.

Today, he's continuing to practice in the areas of innovation, marketing, and persuasion as the Executive Director of the Master of Science in Marketing Program and Assistant Professor of Marketing and Innovation at the University of Cincinnati. He also writes at Innovation In Practice.

Taken together, Drew has a great deal of real-world insights and advice worth listening to. "Innovation is a team sport," he says, so tune in to our podcast and let the games begin!

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