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It's time to rock the vote!

The Enterprise 2.0 Conference is holding another Launch Pad competition this year to find the market's favorite new and innovative E2.0 product or service. The competition is well underway, and I'm excited to report that Inmagic has made it to the second round!

If you're not unfamiliar with the Launch Pad competition, it pits companies against one another by asking them to first pitch their product on Twitter with the contest hashtag, #e2conflp. The E2 Launch Pad Jury narrowed down the entrants to eight quarter-finalists who go to the second round.

The quarter-finalists create a three-minute video showcasing their product, which are open to the public to vote for their favorite video. So we've been busy over the past couple of weeks creating our video showcasing IdeaNet. We've submitted it to the judges, who've added it to the voting page online.

Voting is now open, so it's time to get clicking!! Take a look at the entrants and vote for your favorite E2 Launch Pad video. Or for all our fans out there, I won't tell if you just skip ahead to ours and vote for it! ;) We hope we'll get your support. Thank you to everyone who punches the ballot for us!

Feel free to also tell your colleagues about the competition, and share it on your blog or social networks to get the word out to support the E2 Conference and Inmagic.

Voting closes Oct. 10. The four companies with the most votes will be announced on Oct. 14, and will go on to the final round. They will give a three-minute demonstration of their product live on the keynote stage at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference on Nov. 16 in Santa Clara, Calif. The conference attendees will pick the winner after all companies give their demos.

Lots to look forward to! Help us rock the vote before Oct. 10!

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