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SydneyPLUS acquires our special library products

We've made a move with global knowledge management solutions developer SydneyPLUS. The company has acquired Inmagic's special library business, as well as the Inmagic brand.

SydneyPLUS and Inmagic share a commitment to delivering world-class knowledge management products, and our companies have natural synergies to accelerate product development and enhance service to our customers.

As part of the transaction, we've also agreed to co-market Presto for Social Libraries. Inmagic, however, retains and will continue to market and sell our Presto technology and products, including Presto KnowledgeNet, Presto AssociatioNet, and Presto IdeaNet.

For more details about the acquisition, read on for the press release we issued today announcing the news. If you have any questions about the new Inmagic business unit, feel free to call us at 781-938-4444 or email us

SydneyPLUS Acquires Inmagic's Special Library Products As Well As the Inmagic Brand

The move will strengthen both SydneyPLUS and the new Inmagic division by bringing together complementary technologies to meet the needs of special librarians, while allowing Inmagic, Inc. to focus on new markets

VANCOUVER, Canada and WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SydneyPLUS and Inmagic, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Inmagic's special library business by SydneyPLUS. The Inmagic special library business includes Inmagic's DB/Text® Library Suite of products: DB/TextWorks®, DB/Text® WebPublisher Pro, and Inmagic® Genie. Additionally, the companies are announcing a strategic partnership to co-market and support Inmagic's Presto for Social Libraries.

Adam Hartung on killing 'innovation killers'

Phoenix Principle's Adam Hartung
If you've read Adam Hartung's blog, The Phoenix Principle, you might have seen him use terms like "innovation killers" and "status quo police." According to Adam, these are some of the biggest barriers to innovation in organizations.

When we read about them, we thought Adam articulated some key points about what impedes innovation in many organizations, including some obvious factors that we think many organizations just aren't thinking about.

We thought you'd be interested in hearing more on this, so we invited Adam on our blog for a podcast. To our pleasure, he was game.

How to allocate time, money, and people to innovation

Destination Innovation's Paul Sloane
"You don’t get innovation for free. You have to allocate time and you have to allocate money and you have to allocate people if you’re going to generate innovation, if you’re going to find new ways to do things."

That's one of the main points Paul Sloane underscored in our recent interview with him. You can listen to that and much more in the full podcast here.

Paul is an author and speaker on innovation, leadership, and lateral thinking (puzzles where you're given a small amount of information, and have to ask questions to solve them).


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