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Adam Hartung on killing 'innovation killers'

Phoenix Principle's Adam Hartung
If you've read Adam Hartung's blog, The Phoenix Principle, you might have seen him use terms like "innovation killers" and "status quo police." According to Adam, these are some of the biggest barriers to innovation in organizations.

When we read about them, we thought Adam articulated some key points about what impedes innovation in many organizations, including some obvious factors that we think many organizations just aren't thinking about.

We thought you'd be interested in hearing more on this, so we invited Adam on our blog for a podcast. To our pleasure, he was game.

Take a listen to our interview with Adam, where we unfold:
  • What an innovation killer is
  • Who the status quo police are
  • Why they're impeding innovation in many organizations -- and perhaps yours
  • How to overcome these barriers and ignite company-wide innovation

Thanks for joining us, Adam!

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