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How to allocate time, money, and people to innovation

Destination Innovation's Paul Sloane
"You don’t get innovation for free. You have to allocate time and you have to allocate money and you have to allocate people if you’re going to generate innovation, if you’re going to find new ways to do things."

That's one of the main points Paul Sloane underscored in our recent interview with him. You can listen to that and much more in the full podcast here.

Paul is an author and speaker on innovation, leadership, and lateral thinking (puzzles where you're given a small amount of information, and have to ask questions to solve them).

He also founded Destination Innovation, a consultancy that helps organizations improve their innovation strategies. Paul's sold over 2 million copies of his 18 books on lateral puzzles, creative problem solving, and lateral leadership.

In our interview, we took a deep dive into Paul's recommendations for allocating time, money, and people to innovation to help you plan and structure your innovation strategy. Paul takes a fun, entertaining, and thought-provoking approach to counseling companies on their innovation strategies, and he shared some of those insights in our interview.

It's worth a listen if you're looking to shake up your innovation strategy with some fresh, engaging tactics and methodologies. We'll also be following up with the transcript of our interview soon.

Thanks for joining us on our blog, Paul!

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