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Dusting off the Blog

As you’ve likely read in our summer newsletter or one of our email updates, we went radio silent for a few months after our merger with SydneyPLUS almost a year ago.  We were – quite frankly – swamped working on post integration, product releases, etc.  The good news is that all of this activity has been terrific for our company and we continue to be busy with our current and new customers. We’re back to publishing a quarterly newsletter and a monthly email update, as well as giving webinars on our product roadmap.  The bad news is that our blog has languished a bit.  We’re going to fix that.  Ideas, case studies, tips and stories have been welling up inside our employees and they’re bursting at the seams to share them with you.

Here are just a few of the exciting topics coming soon to the Inmagic blog:
  • Introduction to Presto 4.0
  • Presto for DB/Text: a three part overview
  • Musings of a new Inmagic employee
  • Adoption and utilization: you built it but they won’t necessarily come
  • Mobile vs. app:  why we chose to do a mobile website
  • Checking out IE 10
  • Completing the package: catering to power users and lightweights
  • The logic behind thumbnails
  • The lion and the lamb working together:  engineering and opps
  • Building Windows 8 apps for Presto/Genie
  • Mobile app for USAID
  • Getting IT’s buy-in: how Presto for DB/text helped solve the 20-year-old problem
  • The new office. Out of the silos, into a new space.
Stay tuned for these and other thought-provoking blogs in the coming months. We look forward to hearing your feedback and comments.  Happy reading!


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