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It's on the List

By Erika Halloran

Shortly before joining Inmagic, I rambled on my personal Facebook page about today’s technology as it pertains to the public library system. In my post, I proclaimed that I was adding library technology to my personal (albeit imaginary) list of “things that work the way they should.” 
This is not a long list.

I marveled at the simple process by which I was able to: search for a book; view information about it; learn whether my library has it on the shelf; request a copy; and take possession of it – all without ever wandering the stacks or interacting with another human being.
Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks later, I found myself employed by a company that provides library software.  While Inmagic is not the power behind my library’s network, I now have a much better understanding of what it takes to power a library in the modern age. 

The logical organization of different types of content (books, photos, periodicals, media, historical data, etc.), and the handling of their different formats and file types, goes beyond what most people ever think about. And that’s exactly the way it should be.

Inmagic tools are powerful. This is not new. What is new to the library world, however, is the increasing demand for powerful tools that are visually appealing and user friendly, too. In today’s world, we have all come to expect that things will just work, and work quickly. But what about the way things look? Is it possible that librarians and their constituents are now aiming higher than a yellowing card catalog, stored in aging wooden drawers?

I am excited about what I see at Inmagic already, and what lies ahead in future upgrades currently in development. Powering an information industry, while also allowing for custom-designed visual experiences, will certainly put library technology even higher on my personal (albeit imaginary) list of “things that work the way they should.”

Thanks on Thanksgiving

By Gina Napolitano and Matti Score

It seems appropriate, at this time of year, to send a special Thanksgiving thank you to our customers who continued to have confidence in our direction and products during this transitional year to Inmagic Canada Software.  After all, the true meaning of thanksgiving is a reflection of our gratitude.

It has proven to be a successful and rewarding change for all involved and we could not have done it without our cornucopia of loyal customers and friends.

All of us here at Inmagic would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving, stuffed with an abundance of happiness, health, peace and the promise of a wonderful year.

One Team, One Company


How time flies….can you believe that it’s been more than a year since Inmagic became part of the SydneyPLUS family of companies?  As we celebrate our one year anniversary and finalize our 2013 plans and strategic initiatives, we’re taking the time to reflect on our activities and accomplishments of the last year.  As expected, there have been highs and a few lows, but we’re pleased to report that the highs have far outweighed the lows. Here are some of the highlights from the last year:

·         First joint trade show with SydneyPLUS and Cuadra Associates – CIL 2012;

·         First joint customer reception at SLA 2012;

·         First joint customer project with Andrews Kurth;

·         Development of a Presto connector for SydneyPLUS;

·         Introduction of the Presto for DB/Text connector;

·         Many cross-company product introductions to existing customers; and

·         Last, but not least, Inmagic achieved all financial objectives. 

 A special thank you for all of your efforts and contributions toward the last point, as we can’t be successful without your support!

 A New Mantra

If you haven’t noticed by now, a common thread runs through our 2012 accomplishments. They have come as a result of people working together to achieve success.  With this in mind, we recently set an important strategic objective for 2013 to ensure that we continue in this direction. We like to call it the “One Team, One Company” objective, and we hope this mantra becomes engrained in our culture and apparent to our customer base. 

 While a One Team, One Company approach may seem obvious, it is not as easy as to execute as it would seem, especially in an organization that consists of several well-respected global brands with strong client affinity. With several related products (think Inmagic Genie and SydneyPLUS Library System), our future success is dependent on our ability to develop unified processes and procedures across brands. This will allow us to produce, sell and implement complementary product offerings that:

·         Deliver maximum value to target customers;

·         Offer unique and valued differentiation;

·         Are not competitive within the brand family; and

·         Enhance the respective brand’s position in the marketplace.

A Win-Win

Please bear with us as we develop, adopt and execute new policies, practices and procedures on our way to becoming One Team, One Company.  We will be a better and stronger company as a result. More importantly, we will be able to offer you better products more quickly. And with this new structure, any representative or account manager, regardless of product, will be able to provide you with access to expert resources, and help you review options and decide which product is best for you. We’ve already had great success with this approach with a number of clients. The way we see it, this is a “win-win” for all – we have new and exciting options for our customers, and can pass along customer incentives and savings to those who choose to stay within our “family” of products versus going elsewhere to meet their needs. J

 2012 has been an exciting year for the Inmagic team and we’re looking forward to more exciting changes and accomplishments in 2013.  One Team, One Company…..


A Strong Partnership Can Lead to an Open Marriage


Ok, not in the way you’re thinking, but let us explain…

As you have hopefully heard by now, Inmagic partnered with SydneyPLUS in late 2011.  As with any new partner/parent, the transition has been both exciting and nerve-racking.  Now, with the first year of marriage under our belt, we’re happy to report that things couldn’t be better.  We are working hand-in-hand, and through this partnership we’ve been able to expand on our product offerings and provide solutions to customers that would not have been possible a year ago.   

Case in point: we recently received an RFP from an information center prospect that required a knowledge management and integrated library system.  The requirements seemed fairly straightforward and we recommended our social library solution, Presto for Social Libraries, which provides knowledge management capabilities via Presto combined with integrated library functionality via Genie.   However, when we looked at the library features requested in the RFP – union catalog, multi-branch support for serials management needs, and detailed cost allocation control – we realized it might be a stretch for Genie’s capabilities.  And that is when the light bulb went off.  This seemed a perfect fit for the SydneyPLUS Library Automation System.  As our collective R&D teams already had a Presto/SydneyPLUS integration underway, we simply changed our recommendation. With that, a new offering was born!  

Presto for Social Libraries, is now available in two flavors:  

·         Presto for Social Libraries w/Genie for clients with smaller library infrastructures requiring an easy-to-use and configure ILS or;
·         Presto for Social Libraries w/the SydneyPLUS Library Automation System for those clients that want an enterprise-scale solution capable of supporting large, distributed library infrastructures.
An open marriage, of sorts, that presents more and better options for our customers. And, as if Presto in two relationships wasn’t enough, we are now in the process of integrating Presto with the STAR Knowledge Center for Libraries, the ILS offering from Cuadra Associates (another member of the SydneyPLUS family).  Presto is getting around. In all seriousness, our partnership with SydneyPLUS is opening a whole new world of exciting choices for our customers…and, as someone in an open marriage might tell you, choice is good.


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