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A Strong Partnership Can Lead to an Open Marriage

Ok, not in the way you’re thinking, but let us explain…

As you have hopefully heard by now, Inmagic partnered with SydneyPLUS in late 2011.  As with any new partner/parent, the transition has been both exciting and nerve-racking.  Now, with the first year of marriage under our belt, we’re happy to report that things couldn’t be better.  We are working hand-in-hand, and through this partnership we’ve been able to expand on our product offerings and provide solutions to customers that would not have been possible a year ago.   

Case in point: we recently received an RFP from an information center prospect that required a knowledge management and integrated library system.  The requirements seemed fairly straightforward and we recommended our social library solution, Presto for Social Libraries, which provides knowledge management capabilities via Presto combined with integrated library functionality via Genie.   However, when we looked at the library features requested in the RFP – union catalog, multi-branch support for serials management needs, and detailed cost allocation control – we realized it might be a stretch for Genie’s capabilities.  And that is when the light bulb went off.  This seemed a perfect fit for the SydneyPLUS Library Automation System.  As our collective R&D teams already had a Presto/SydneyPLUS integration underway, we simply changed our recommendation. With that, a new offering was born!  

Presto for Social Libraries, is now available in two flavors:  

·         Presto for Social Libraries w/Genie for clients with smaller library infrastructures requiring an easy-to-use and configure ILS or;
·         Presto for Social Libraries w/the SydneyPLUS Library Automation System for those clients that want an enterprise-scale solution capable of supporting large, distributed library infrastructures.
An open marriage, of sorts, that presents more and better options for our customers. And, as if Presto in two relationships wasn’t enough, we are now in the process of integrating Presto with the STAR Knowledge Center for Libraries, the ILS offering from Cuadra Associates (another member of the SydneyPLUS family).  Presto is getting around. In all seriousness, our partnership with SydneyPLUS is opening a whole new world of exciting choices for our customers…and, as someone in an open marriage might tell you, choice is good.

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