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It's on the List

By Erika Halloran

Shortly before joining Inmagic, I rambled on my personal Facebook page about today’s technology as it pertains to the public library system. In my post, I proclaimed that I was adding library technology to my personal (albeit imaginary) list of “things that work the way they should.” 
This is not a long list.

I marveled at the simple process by which I was able to: search for a book; view information about it; learn whether my library has it on the shelf; request a copy; and take possession of it – all without ever wandering the stacks or interacting with another human being.
Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks later, I found myself employed by a company that provides library software.  While Inmagic is not the power behind my library’s network, I now have a much better understanding of what it takes to power a library in the modern age. 

The logical organization of different types of content (books, photos, periodicals, media, historical data, etc.), and the handling of their different formats and file types, goes beyond what most people ever think about. And that’s exactly the way it should be.

Inmagic tools are powerful. This is not new. What is new to the library world, however, is the increasing demand for powerful tools that are visually appealing and user friendly, too. In today’s world, we have all come to expect that things will just work, and work quickly. But what about the way things look? Is it possible that librarians and their constituents are now aiming higher than a yellowing card catalog, stored in aging wooden drawers?

I am excited about what I see at Inmagic already, and what lies ahead in future upgrades currently in development. Powering an information industry, while also allowing for custom-designed visual experiences, will certainly put library technology even higher on my personal (albeit imaginary) list of “things that work the way they should.”

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