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It’s (a)live! Introducing Presto v4.1

By Phil Green

The wait is over! We’re thrilled to announce the availability of Presto v4.1, our most comprehensive and feature-rich library management and Web publishing offering ever.

What’s Inside?
Presto 4.1 includes the following innovative features and enhanced functionality, making it easier than ever before for users to manage, access and publish critical information:

DB/Text Connector for DB/TextWorks and Genie
Presto's DB/Text Connector enables advanced Web publishing capabilities for DB/TextWorks customers, and allows Presto to read and index content in Inmagic's DB/TextWorks and Genie products. With DB/Text Connector, DB/TextWorks clients can maintain and build textbases in DB/TextWorks, and publish those textbases to the Web with Presto -- giving them the advanced Web publishing power including:
  • The ability to search across all textbases at one time.
  • A homepage that supports multiple groups; RSS feeds; look and feel; searching, browing and alerts; image slide shows, etc.
  • RSS feeds, InfoCart, the ability to email, download and print content.
  • The option to socialize content with tags, comments, and ratings -- without losing control.
Improved search speed
Results build incrementally in Presto v4.1, making searches even faster.

Full control of Web pages
Presto v4.1 balances a simple user experience with a variety of sophisticated features for more advanced users. Users at every skill level have total control of the layout, look and feel of their Web pages; the product includes HTML templates that enable power users to design screens and pages to their own specifications, while less technical users can work easily within Presto’s pre-set templates.

Customized views for content administrators and users
Presto v4.1 offers the ability to create multiple screens and views – administrators are able to design different views of the content for different users, and users have the ability to select the view that best suits the way they digest content.

Additional features include:
  • New and improved Web parts:
    • New slide show option makes it easy to display images from any content type on the home page. Users control how often the slide show changes the image and which images to display.
    • Improved RSS feed offers enhanced appearance, function and performance.
  • Date variable in search allows users to more easily search for content based on the current date.
  • Support for “download as CSV.”
  • More options for the table of contents offers the ability to omit on Print and Email screens and download as HTML or PDF.
  • More options for displaying iFilter text.
  • Added support for multi-value file and URL fields that provides additional flexibility and time savings in database design.
  • Automatic PDF thumbnails that make the inclusion of thumbnails for PDFs a snap.
  • API extension that offers enhancements to external single sign-on (SSO) integration, enabling increased security and control.
    Learn More
    On Tuesday, January 15th, Inmagic will host two interactive webcasts (one at 11:00 a.m.Eastern and one at 5:00p.m. Eastern) to introduce Presto v4.1. The session, presented by Phil Green and Vice President of Client Services Dave Golan, will provide a detailed look at new features and functionality, as well as the simplified integration with other Inmagic and SydneyPLUS products. Additional information is available here.

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