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... And One Family

By Warren Ganz

A few posts ago we wrote about "one team, one company." I'd like to extend that post and add: one family.

I have worked in various capacities in software engineering groups for most – if not all – of my career. Typically this has meant sitting behind an iron wall, removed from the reality of the day-to-day operations of the company. Everything I was told was filtered and/or secondhand. At the time, this seemed like a good thing because it kept me focused and isolated from the "noise." But now, I know better.

Here at Inmagic, we’ve been rethinking this strategy, and development has become more involved in the everyday support activities as well as client implementations. When asked to assist with support and services, most engineers would have the reaction that you would expect. (Think jaws dropping and eyes bulging…) But at Inmagic, it was embraced. Why? Because we are family. We work together every day. We respect and trust each other as you would your own brother or sister. We are in this together.

The engineering team has been working with our support and implementations teams for a while now. And what do I have to report? Success! Nothing can replace getting into the trenches, being on those front lines. We are now seeing first-hand the good things, the pain points, and everything in between. And being engineers, we solve problems – so we immediately began working toward solutions. Some examples in Presto include: 
  1. Functionality for downloading content types, value lists and categories to XML quickly and easily from the UI
  2. An entire "branding" section in Application Settings that will surely continue to grow
  3. The ability to view system log files from the UI
  4. Capability to put the system in a “down for maintenance” mode
  5. And many more...

What makes these features different is they are there for support and implementations, not necessarily the end user. They are there to make the teams’ jobs easier and more efficient. These items would have never gone into the product if we hadn't embraced our new strategy.

We are one team, one company, one family. And it shows.

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