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To winfinity* and beyond! How Presto for DB/Textworks helped solve a 20-year-old dilemma

By Jason Buggy

I recently celebrated a birthday milestone, the big 4-0.  Sometime around midafternoon I received a very well-written email with the subject heading, “Another step in the mellowing process.” The email was from my Dad, who turned 82 in November.

For the majority of Dad’s life his mode of communication has been the phone, written word, or in person; I tease him about quill and parchment being his very first medium.  Needless to say, he has completely bought into electronic messaging.  I’m pretty sure the reason for his rapid adoption is that email was quick and easy to learn. 

The Rub

It got me thinking about the challenges our DB/Textworks customers had working with their IT departments – the process was neither quick nor easy for our typical DB/Textworks users.  I distinctly remember a conversation to that effect that took place my first year at Inmagic (2003).  The discussion took a turn when the client asked if IT would play a big role in supporting the implementation.  When I replied that very little IT support was needed for DB/Textworks, she breathed a sigh of relief and said, “thank goodness.”  Naturally, I asked her why the concern and she didn’t hesitate to explain. “I’m not on the IT totem pole,” she said, giggling. “I’m not even part of mound that rests underneath the totem pole.”  She loved the idea of creating her own textbases and configuring her own reports without depending on a technical expert to help her perform what would be her day-to-day activities.

Fast forward to June 2012 and, my oh my, how things have changed.  We experienced the ultimate in winfinity* with a long-time Inmagic legal client in NYC.  The end user had been using DB/Textworks for 13 years and loved it; the IT department was looking for something that had a Web-based front end and could potentially scale for use in the firm’s other departments.  The conversation led to Inmagic Presto. The solution appealed to IT but had more features than were needed  for the primary DB/Textworks user.  And the primary user was reluctant to give up the desktop reporting that he had come to know and love with DB/Textworks.

 An Idea Takes Shape

For Inmagic, the solution became obvious – what if you could continue using DB/Textworks to perform daily tasks, while allowing the rest of the organization to search and identify content from a front-end, Web-based application that incorporates social features, RSS feeds, alerting and content collections?  And Presto for DB/Textworks was born.  The IT folks are happy because they now have a Web-based, .NET, SQL back-end MS Gold Partner solution; the end user is happy because he can continue to work with the same product he knows and likes; and the information seekers win because they now have a way to access the full library of information. WINFINITY*.

*when everyone wins



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