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Center for Creative Leadership Brings Library Online


About the Center for Creative Leadership
For more than 40 years, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) has been providing executive leadership education and research to clients around the globe. CCL annually serves more than 20,000 individuals and 2,000 organizations – including more than 80 of the Fortune 100 companies – across the public, private, nonprofit and education sectors. In addition, they have provided information to nearly two million people through CCL publications.

The Problem
Over the course of 40+ years, CCL has amassed an impressive collection of leadership-related articles, instructional aids, videos, books and other information that is used primarily by its staff to create topic-specific, customized classes worldwide, as well as by the public and current/past clients. Though CCL has long managed its collection on Inmagic’s DB/TextWorks, there was no way to share or provide that information electronically to the 600 staff members and past/present clients spread out across 120 countries on six continents. Information was stored in different locations, or "rabbit holes" of knowledge, that had become increasingly difficult to keep track of. And information was only accessible to CCL users when staff members were available to access the library, find the information, and send it.

The Solution
In order to catalog and consolidate their institutional knowledge and intellectual assets, and make information easily accessible throughout the organization, CCL implemented a Presto for Social Libraries solution incorporating Inmagic Presto for search and retrieval and Inmagic Genie for administration of the CCL knowledge catalog and library infrastructure. 

The Results
Users are now able to access information stored anywhere, at any time, from any location across the globe, electronically. In addition, CCL was able to use Presto to tag each piece of information to form a collection of competencies. They now have more than 400 competencies within the collection, so that if a user wants information related to "self-awareness," for example, the user simply executes a single search using the term and all materials – books, movies, articles, etc. – related to that competency are located.

In addition, CCL’s catalog of more than 9,000 books and movies is now browsable and the materials are available for loan to clients and the public when they visit the CCL campuses. CCL is also planning to use Presto’s social functions to facilitate communication and collaboration within groups, as well as across functions.

"The reaction from our users has been overwhelmingly positive. One user said that the ease-of-use and accessibility almost brought tears to her eyes! Though we value our IT people, we’re happy to be able to service ourselves."
Marie Tretiakova, Knowledge Management Librarian

Congratulations, CCL! And special thanks to Inmagic partner Ann Stringfield of InfoCrofters for introducing Inmagic to CCL and facilitating the partnership.

Faceted search coming to a DB/TextWorks near you

By Phil Green
Last week we had a meeting with a long-time DB/TextWorks customer. They wanted to learn more about Presto for DB/TextWorks and were impressed with the features and capabilities. Then they asked, “Okay this looks good, but what’s coming down the road?” 
At this point, we opened the next version of Presto (version 4.2) and gave them a sneak peek at the faceted search capabilities and the customer went from impressed to silent. Finally they said, “You just changed the decision from should we do this, to how soon can we do this!”

After that meeting, we realized that all DB/TextWorks clients should be in on the secret:  Psst, Presto for DB/TextWorks will include faceted search in the next release! Or, to put it in simpler terms – you can add faceted search to your DB/TextWorks OPAC by upgrading from WebPublisher PRO to Presto for DB/TextWorks.

If you'd like to see Presto for DB/TextWorks in action, please join us for our Product Roadmap Webinar on May 21st. You can register here. We’ll discuss the current and future states of Inmagic’s products and provide an in-depth look at Presto and Presto for DB/TextWorks (and that soon-to-be-released faceted search feature). Maybe faceted search will change you from an "if" to a "when." 



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