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Faceted search coming to a DB/TextWorks near you

By Phil Green
Last week we had a meeting with a long-time DB/TextWorks customer. They wanted to learn more about Presto for DB/TextWorks and were impressed with the features and capabilities. Then they asked, “Okay this looks good, but what’s coming down the road?” 
At this point, we opened the next version of Presto (version 4.2) and gave them a sneak peek at the faceted search capabilities and the customer went from impressed to silent. Finally they said, “You just changed the decision from should we do this, to how soon can we do this!”

After that meeting, we realized that all DB/TextWorks clients should be in on the secret:  Psst, Presto for DB/TextWorks will include faceted search in the next release! Or, to put it in simpler terms – you can add faceted search to your DB/TextWorks OPAC by upgrading from WebPublisher PRO to Presto for DB/TextWorks.

If you'd like to see Presto for DB/TextWorks in action, please join us for our Product Roadmap Webinar on May 21st. You can register here. We’ll discuss the current and future states of Inmagic’s products and provide an in-depth look at Presto and Presto for DB/TextWorks (and that soon-to-be-released faceted search feature). Maybe faceted search will change you from an "if" to a "when." 


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