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Announcing Lucidea...We Help You to Think Clearly


By Ron Aspe, CEO of Lucidea

Inmagic, along with its parent company SydneyPLUS, and its affiliate companies Cuadra, LawPort, LookUp Precision, Argus and ISS are now part of Lucidea, a newly created knowledge management software company focused on providing tools for sharing knowledge and inspiring action.
Our solutions empower people to navigate the ever-expanding universe of information, resulting in actionable knowledge.  We highlight our clients’ brightest people, clearest thinking and best ideas.
Please follow the links below to access more information about this exciting new development, and take a few moments to learn:
  • Why we think this is great news for our products, employees and customers.
  • How this latest evolution of our corporate structure will affect you.
  • What effect this will have on the products you are currently using.
Letter from the CEO
Mission statement
Press release

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-229-8398.


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