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Collective Smarts

By Phillip Green, Lucidea COO

We love this post by Thomas Malone, director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, on "how social business, data analytics and cognitive computing will transform organizations once again," posted on the Building a Smarter Planet Blog.

It touches on the same themes that we hear from customers every day. How do I make my organization more intelligent so that we make better decisions? What role does knowledge management play in helping us become more nimble and adapt to a changing marketplace more quickly? As Malone explains, this can be achieved through the combination of humans and IT.   

When Inmagic Presto introduced the idea of social knowledge management back in 2009, the idea was to encourage communication between people that might not normally communicate and enable that communication to take place in a knowledge- and content-centric environment. Malone articulates the benefits of this communication well.

"As information technology reduces the cost of communication, it becomes much easier for lots more people to know lots more things and in many cases they’re able to be well enough informed to make more decisions for themselves instead of just following orders from somebody above them in a hierarchy." 

This is absolutely right – we want informed decisions being made by as many people as possible, not just robots following orders.

Please take a read and let us know what you think.

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