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This customer just made my day

By Phillip Green, Lucidea COO

It’s been over six months since we released Presto for DB/TextWorks, and we now have a growing and enthusiastic user community for this product.

I’ve been watching the implementations performed by our services group and many are stunning. But I was unbelievably happy to see how fast the Center for Transportation Research (at the University of Texas at Austin) progressed with their implementation. I asked the services team why this one was moving along so quickly, and they said “well the client is doing it almost all herself!” I was so excited to hear this.

I was even more excited when I saw the customer talking about the upgrade to Presto on their website. (See it here).  And they are now in beta so you can see the site here.

What I love about this specific implementation is twofold. First, they are embracing Presto and its ability to accomplish advanced web publishing without the need for outside programmers. The Center for Transportation Research is taking advantage of Federated Search, Faceted Search, the InfoCart and Alerts / RSS feeds. These are standard features in Presto that can be implemented with a few clicks of the mouse and in the case of Federated Search – a basic understanding of HTML. Do-it-yourself has always been a strong tenet in how Inmagic products are designed. I love the fact that advanced web-publishing features can still be fully controlled and implemented by a curious and driven librarian.

Secondly, I love the fact that they are taking the upgrade as an opportunity to review what they want the website to be and what it can accomplish. By leveraging the new capabilities (such as a robust home page, Google like search, browsable taxonomies, and more) the Center for Transportation Research is not simply adding new features to an existing structure, but taking a fresh look at what their users want and how they can meet these needs. Job well done!

I have always said the best part about my job is seeing what our customers do with our software. The Center for Transportation Research has just made my day.

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