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DBTextWorks 14.5 – Delivering Style and Substance

By Warren Ganz

The DB/TextWorks product suite reminds me of a car that a good friend of mine purchased in his younger years and continued to drive well into his 30s.  It’s an amazing car, to this day one of my favorites.  He drove that car for many, many, years, while the rest of us changed vehicles once or maybe twice.  One afternoon he stopped by to show off a new car, or so I thought.  I assumed he’d finally come to his senses, traded it in, and upgraded to something completely different and new.  However, the car he pulled up in seemed oddly familiar, and on a closer look I realized it was the same car.  But there was something different. He had given it a paint job, and most importantly used a modern color.  This amazing classic car  is now setting a new standard.  Brilliant!  And this is exactly what we have done with the DB/TextWorks product suite.  It’s still an amazing piece of software, and with a fresh coat of paint done properly it really shines.

It’s true that this DBTextWorks 14.5 release is most notably a UI refresh, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  When new users look at the product, hopefully they’ll ask:  “Wow, what does it do?” and they’ll want to take it for a spin.  At clients’ request, we’ve replaced over 400 “classic” icons with modern-looking industry-standard images that display more robustly in various toolbar sizes.  This was no small feat.  Optimizing a user interface is always a delicate process – there are as many possibilities as there are stakeholders.  With your invaluable input and after many spirited internal reviews (fortunately there were no fist fights) we reached consensus and then we made it happen. We have an improved product that we are proud to show off, as it truly is an ageless beauty.

I encourage you all to upgrade to version 14.5; we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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