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By Phil Green

As an SLA 2014 Gold Sponsor, Lucidea played a significant role at the Annual Meeting and INFO-EXPO in Vancouver.  Part of this sponsorship included our Hot Topic Session - Adapt, Act and Thrive: Ensuring a Sustainable Library.  In this session a panel of visionary information professionals discussed the serious challenges that threaten special libraries’ sustainability, and they discussed how they “adapt, act and thrive” in the face of these challenges. 
The Hot Topics round-table discussion was moderated by Joe Matthews who questioned the panelists on issues such as:
How do you...
·        ensure and leverage info-ubiquity and deliver universal access to information?
·        embed yourself within your organization and work with IT to integrate with existing systems?
·        engage with end users who wish to influence and interact with content via social tools?
·        manage challenging vendor relationships?
·        control costs, and
·        demonstrate value to upper management via tracking, measurement and monitoring of services? 
Our panelists were:
·        Judith Bloch, Corporate Librarian/Information Resources Manager with Shannon & Wilson, Inc. - a geotechnical and environmental engineering consulting firm.  Judith and her team use CuadraSTAR.
·        Joan Cunningham, Regional Librarian at Simpson Gumpertz & Heger - a national engineering firm that designs, investigates, and rehabilitates structures and building enclosures.  Joan and her team are SydneyPLUS clients.
·        Jennifer Hermsen, Manager, Knowledge Services with Kemin Industries, Inc. -  a life science company that innovates to improve the lives of humans and animals around the world.  Kemin Industries is an Inmagic Presto client.
·        Karen McQuillen, Director,Knowledge Services at Educational Testing Service  - an assessment development and research organization. Karen and her staff use SydneyPLUS
·        Susannah Tredwell, Manager of Library Services, Davis LLP - a national Canadian law firm headquartered in Vancouver. Susannah and her team are SydneyPLUS clients.

The session was extremely well attended; we had 190 registered participants!  In fact, it was  standing room only and unfortunately there were some attendees out in the hallway.  We tell ourselves this is actually a good problem to have – but we’ll definitely work with SLA to ensure that we get a larger room for future Lucidea sponsored sessions.
For those of you who couldn’t attend  our Hot Topics session or even the SLA conference, I’d like to provide a quick overview of some of the highlights:
The biggest laugh:
o   During the introduction of the panelists, Joe Matthews asked each person to tell the audience something surprising about themselves.  Karen McQuillen stated “I have three cats and I like to read…but anyone would know that about me, because I am at this conference.”
Most surprising answer:
o   “People should know that everything is being tracked.” This was Jennifer Hermsen’s answer, when asked by the audience about what to track and how to leverage metrics to understand library usage, and whether it makes employees uncomfortable.
Best audience question:
o   “Do you really have the right type of IT people with the right experience to help you?”  The panelists all acknowledged that IT is very busy and that while they understand the technology, they don’t know much about content.  This led to a discussion about how important it is to build a strong relationship with IT, even though it takes time and energy.
Thanks to our great facilitator Joe Matthews, our terrific panelists and an engaged audience, the morning was a big success.  As attendees left the room we overheard some comments:
o  “I was really impressed with the panelists; they had some great ideas!”
o  “I had to stand up the whole time but it was well worth it!”
o “I hope Lucidea sponsors a similar panel discussion next year.”
o  “The moderator did a great job at keeping the panel focused.”
o  “That was one of the best SLA sessions I’ve ever been to - it was so practical.”

Please let us know if you attended, and if so, what you thought of the session.  And for everyone else, please let us know if you would like Lucidea to do more of these types of sessions at future SLA Annual Meetings and suggest some topics – we very much value your input.    

Note from the Author - I've attended the SLA conference for over twenty years and Karen is right (I have two cats and I like to read).

Lucidea / Inmagic Announces Key Presto Improvements – You Asked, We Acted!

By Phil Green

A fully loaded service pack is now available for all clients running Inmagic® Presto 4.3, and is ready for download by Presto customers, from the Presto Knowledgebase.

Presto V4.3 Service Pack 1 includes a number of fixes and improvements requested by our customers.  It’s available for download now, and offers enhancements such as:
  • External Widget Builder now enables the inclusion of various widgets widely available on the Web (weather, time zone, etc.).  This fixes the issue of some widgets not running in the HTML widget, and was specifically developed in response to customers’ desire to run widgets developed by content publishers like EBSCO.
  • Quick Search widget now enables the administrator to specify the initial settings for the Advanced Search controls. For example, you can set up the Quick Search widget to default to searching the Title and Subtitle fields in the Catalog content type.  This fixes the issue where administrators could not specify the initial settings and users were required to do so.
  • RSS widget now supports more flexibility in how many items to display, and permits the “Published On” dates to be hidden.  Both these changes were requested by many customers.
  • Editing Value Lists now supports copying and pasting an entire list of values into the list, and offers more editing flexibility.
  • When configuring a new Content Type, an Any Word box is now automatically generated at the top of the default Search Screen.  Many clients requested this time saving capability.
  • Custom Menu Items now have no URL character limit. (The previous limit was 255 characters.)
  • The release also includes a number of other fixes, including fixes to Blog RSS Feeds; Cart Count; editing Alerts, Profiles; configuring Custom Menus; Home Pages, and the Connector System PDF thumbnail generation.
As you work with Presto 4.3 and think of improvements you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to let us know via our Ideation Repository.  While we cannot accommodate every request we do rely on you, our valued customers, for your input and innovative ideas that help make our products better.  Thank you!

Let's catch up at SLA 2014 in Vancouver!

By Ron Aspe and Phil Green

At this year’s SLA Conference we’re offering three ways for you to catch up with Lucidea’s Inmagic and SydneyPLUS staff:

One - Please join us for the annual Lucidea SLA Cocktail Party!  It’s happening at the Pan Pacific Hotel (next door to the Convention Centre) on Monday June 9 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  We’ll be in Oceanview Suite 2 (Restaurant and Gallery Level). Just take the lobby elevator, press “R” and follow the signs. Let us know if you’re coming! Sign up here and download the invitation.

Two - Please join us for our SLA Hot Topic Session “Adapt, Act and Thrive: Ensuring a Sustainable Library.”  This session will examine serious challenges that threaten the sustainability of special libraries, and focus on strategies for proactively overcoming them.  A panel of your peers will discuss how they ensure and leverage info-ubiquity; embed themselves within their organizations; engage end users; manage challenging vendor relationships; control costs, and demonstrate value.  The session will focus on how the panelists are making their departments and functions more relevant – now, and into the future.  This session will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre West, Room 114 and 115, on Monday June 9, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
The panelists are: Judith Bloch, Corporate Librarian/Information Resources Manager, Shannon & Wilson, Inc.; Joan Cunningham, Regional Librarian, SGH; Jennifer Hermsen, Global Library Services Manager, Kemin Industries, Inc.; Karen McQuillen, Manager, Library and Information Services, Educational Testing Service (ETS); and Susannah Tredwell, Manager of Library Services, Davis LLP.  The panel moderator is author and library authority, Joe Matthews!

Three!  Of course, your third option is to visit us at Lucidea booths 816 and 817.  We’ll be there on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

We can’t wait to catch up – please stop by for a visit.


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